Wave Academy

The Wave Academy is an 11-month program that is made for players who are dedicated to basketball and interested in maximizing their on-court training time. The PSP Development principles are broken down into three categories: Personal Development, Skill Development, and Player Development.

Our ultimate goal is to enhance players’ game both on and off the court through our teams, leagues, training, camps, and life skill sessions. You can find the pricing structure HERE.

Basketball skill developmenttraining sessions

  1. Premier (Rec) and Elite (Competitive) teams
  2. Skill Development sessions
  3. Youth leagues through July
  4. Tournament based travel teams
  5. Community service opportunities
  6. Player evaluations
  7. Nike gear package
  8. Practice 2x week

“The Work”


The Work will be our fall training season as a warm-up for player’s school season and youth leagues. The focus will be on enhancing the players’ skills through skill and player development. Players will have group training, our in-house development league, film sessions, and open gyms. During this period players can expect one group training session, the development league, and one open gym session (scheduling permitting) per week.

  • Level Up Series
  • Group Training
  • Open Gym
  • Film Sessions
  • Beyond the Game Series Introduction

“The Grind“


The Grind will be the opportunity for our youth and middle school players to get out on the court and compete with other local teams in our in-house youth league. Teams will practice once a week and utilize film breakdown sessions. While high school athletes are participating mostly with their school teams, we will offer Sunday evening shooting sessions for our athletes looking to get extra work in. 

  • Youth League
  • Shooting Clinics
  • Open Gym

“The Show”


The Show is where the magic happens. This is when our players get out and compete against the best of the best locally, regionally, and nationally. Players will be on their selected travel teams and play in various AAU style tournaments. Teams will have two practices a week and various film breakdown sessions. Our younger elementary and middle school-aged players will have the opportunity to attend our weekly day camps while our high school athletes will have additional group training sessions. “The Show” session is when all of the work throughout the year comes together to be showcased against the best of the best. 

  • Travel Season 
  • Group Training
  • Camps
  • Open Gym