We believe at WBC that development is broken down into three different categories: player development, skill development, and personal development. Our main goal is to build the complete athlete both on and off the court. We believe the relationship between a trainer and a player is a partnership. Both must be on the same page and have a well thought out plan for a player to achieve their future goals.

Player Development

Player development is the skills a player will need through gameplay. Through our development league, we are able to have a great mix of basketball skill development and controlled gameplay. Our goal is to enhance a player’s basketball IQ knowing where to be at the right place and time.

Skill Development

Our goal in basketball skill development sessions is to ensure a player has all of the tools to be a great player on the court. Prior to a player’s first training session, we like to discuss with the player what they feel like their strengths and weaknesses are. Our goal is to build their strengths to be great and their weaknesses to be good. Below you can find our training absolutes that we feel every player should be able to do.

Ball Handling

Weak Hand


Rips, Pivots, Jabs


With Both Hands

Change of Pace/Direction


Catch, Cut, Dribble


Keep Your Defender in Front

Personal Development

Our Beyond the Game Series is geared towards developing our players off the court and educating them on leadership, career goals, and community service.